Personal Chef Services

Types of Service:

  • Weeknight dinners: Dinner menus prepared for one or two weeks at a time, for you to enjoy at your convenience.
  • Special diet/special request: Recipes prepared for your dietary needs in quantities for now and later.
  • Vacation rentals: A week or a weekend’s worth of dinners for a crowd (4-10 people).

What you get:

- You control the whole menu

- The menu is designed to serve your dietary needs, taste, and preferences

- I focus on providing the highest quality, most delicious meals possible. I pass on the grocery cost, so you get exactly the level of quality you want.

- Packaged for your convenience – individual servings, two servings, or family style.

Two types of service:

Weeknight dinners – Full menu service

The most common package is 5 dinner menus, 4 servings each (“5 x 4″). I can do more or fewer menus or servings as you need. However, the smallest practical order is 3 menus of 3 servings each.

Best for: working people who want healthy, relaxing dinners at home

A la carte

I prepare the items and quantities of dishes you want.

For example, I may provide 6 quarts of soup, 4 pints of two different braised entrees, and some breakfast items (frittatas, gluten-free muffins). Minimum order is $200+groceries.

Best for: people on special diets who can prepare simple/fresh items for themselves, and want help with some of the involved/time consuming components. (For example, GAPS, and SCD diets)

Meals for a crowd: Vacation rentals

Family style dinners for your vacation party. I prepare 3-5 nights worth of meals at your vacation rental, with heating and handling instructions. You enjoy them at your convenience. Additional meals and snacks available.

For all types of service: I cook at your location, or in a commercial kitchen (for an additional fee). When I cook in your kitchen, you are left with a clean kitchen and the aroma of home cooked food!